Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Seminal Discharge During Urination Due To Weak Parasympathetic Nerve

Posted by Lucas Thompson
Semen discharge during urination is a problem which is essential to cure in early stages, because it may lead to a number health issues, for example infertility. Moreover, in some cases, this disorder might resolve without any complication. However, persisting leakage of semen can reduce the energy levels of the affected person, due to which he may experience mental and physical fatigue. Nevertheless, the cause of seminal discharge might vary from person to person. But, weakening of nerves is considered as a leading cause for this disorder. In particular, weak parasympathetic nerve is likely to cause seminal discharge during urination. Furthermore, this disorder may make life miserable by arising several health issues. Besides, leakage of semen in urine might occur with or without burning sensation. Nonetheless, males ejaculating very less, involved in frequent lovemaking activities, experiencing arousal without ejaculation, or trying to delay ejaculation are more prone to suffer from this disorder.

However, urine and seminal fluid travels through the same tube, due to which slightest dysfunction of related organs can cause seminal discharge during urination. Moreover, continuous contraction of muscles during intimate activities releases seminal fluid through urethra. And, urine also travels outside of the body through urethra. Nevertheless, there is a clear, lubricating fluid that clears the urethra every time before ejaculation of seminal fluid takes place. Besides, strength of parasympathetic nerves is very important in regulating the working of ejaculatory valve that keeps seminal fluid inside seminal vesicle. Furthermore, ejaculatory valve dysfunction happens when parasympathetic nerve is weak, due to this seminal fluid ooze out with the urine. Nonetheless, parasympathetic nerve is also important for proper functioning of entire reproductive system.

Moreover, seminal discharge during urination can cause burning sensation while urinating. In addition, leakage of semen in urine might thin the urine stream. Also, it might cause pain in the testicles which could be very discomforting. However, it is essential to cure this disorder as soon as possible, because prolonged seminal discharge in urination can weaken liver and strain other organs of reproductive system. Nevertheless, experts recommend that, people suffering from this disorder must not indulge in intimate activities excessively. In addition, suffering person must not practice masturbation more than 2 or 3 times in a week.

Nevertheless, there are many products in the market to resolve issues of reproductive system. But, some products might cause negative effects by interfering with the functioning of reproductive organs. In addition, they might contain harsh chemicals that are harmful for the body. However, usage of herbal products is considered as a safest way to treat seminal discharge during urination, because they are made with natural products. Moreover, herbal products such as NF Cure and Shilajit capsules effectively treat the leakage of semen in urine by nourishing the nervous system of the affected person. Furthermore, these supplements provide essential nutrients to the body which helps to overcome physical and mental fatigue. In addition, NF Cure and Shilajit capsules are beneficial in the treatment for various sexual dysfunctions caused by weakness of nerves, for example erectile dysfunction. Also, these herbal supplements improve blood circulation to strengthen the reproductive organs.

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